Cleveland police are on the lookout for a man who is suspected of kidnapping a woman as well as shooting his aunt and uncle. Officers were initially dispatched around 9:52 AM on Saturday August 17.

They were responding to a report of two or three shootings that occurred in the real. They arrived at the 12300 block of Chesterfield Avenue near East 125th Street.

When they arrived, officers say that they were told a suspect who is an adult male had kidnapped a woman.

Investigators figured out that the suspect is a 35-year-old named Derrick Hudson. He shot the two victims before kidnapping his former girlfriend, Kenya Pierce. He kidnapped the 35-year-old woman at gunpoint.

According to police the two shooting victims were Andre and Ethel Munds. They lived in the duplex apartment below Pierce before the incident occurred. The two were the uncle and aunt of the suspect.

They became involved because they reportedly went upstairs to check up on Pierce after they heard loud noises. Hudson opened the door and allegedly shot them afterward. The Munds couple was taken in an ambulance to MetroHealth Medical Center. Andre was listed in critical condition.

After the incident, police believe that Hudson held Pierce as a hostage. He continued to hold her at gunpoint and forced her into a motor vehicle. He then fled from the scene.

Photos have been released of Hudson and Pierce in the hope that they will be identified. Cleveland police officers have suggested that people not approach the suspect, since he is considered armed and dangerous. Police described Hudson a 5-foot 10-inch 185-pound man with a medium build.

He is bald and was last seen with multi colored shorts as well as a white t-shirt. Hudson had previously served timed in jail for manslaughter. Apparently police stated that he killed Kenya Pierce's boyfriend. The last time he was seen was in the area of East 105th Street. That was near St. Clair Avenue, and he was driving a red Dodge Magnum. According to police reports there might actually be some damage to the vehicle. This damage might be present on both sides.