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Keep Your License

Keep your license - Cleveland DUI/OVI Attorney

Don’t Put Your Independence at Risk

Driving is an important aspect of most people’s identities. We drive to and from work and school as well as to fulfill family obligations. Those with medical needs may also need to get to and from doctor’s appointments.

After an arrest for DUI/OVI, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) often imposes an Ohio Administrative License Suspension. This can put your independence at risk. A skilled attorney, however, can help you obtain what are called “limited driving privileges” while your DUI case is pending. 

Limited driving privileges are discretionary. That means that the judge is not required to grant them, even if someone is eligible for them. If your driving privileges are at risk, you want an attorney with a reputation for vigorously defending his clients. You want an attorney who knows how the prosecution thinks and who is known in the court system as qualified and experienced.

If it is important that you keep your license, However, administrative license suspensions have to be appealed within ten days, so it is to your advantage to contact us as soon as possible.

Prosecutorial Experience is an Advantage

When it comes to DUI/OVI charges, having an attorney on your side with prosecutorial experience is an advantage. This is because district attorneys build DUI cases in specific ways.

Especially if you are a truck driver or other professional who depends on a commercial driver’s license as part of your employment, you can’t afford to lose your license. Don’t wait: