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Cleveland Rape Survivor Caught in Unusual Cold Case Scenario

In 1993, seven men raped Jennifer Moore. At the time she was only 12 years old. Back in that year her investigation did not really go anywhere. The police were apparently not able to find much. One month ago, the chief of the Cleveland poli...
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Cleveland Police Investigate Two Shootings and a Kidnapping

Cleveland police are on the lookout for a man who is suspected of kidnapping a woman as well as shooting his aunt and uncle. Officers were initially dispatched around 9:52 AM on Saturday August 17. They were responding to a report of two or...
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Maple Heights Police Accused of Excessive Force

For the second time in five years a police officer from Maple Heights, Ohio has been accused of using excessive force, this time on an FBI employee.  The office accused, Alexander Casey, supposedly broke the FBI employees arm, while the vi...
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Rape Kits Assisting in Cold Cases

Over the years thousands of rape kits have been left untested at police stations throughout the state of Ohio. Based on cold cases stories recently brought to the surface by the Plain Dealer newspaper and the finding of three women kidnapped fo...
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More Details Emerge On the Kidnapping of Amanda Perry

The details emerging about the case of three women and one child being held in a home on Seymour Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio shocked the nation. Three women, missing for a decade, were discovered in this home after one of the victims Amanda Perry...
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Cleveland Kidnapping Reveals Three Women's Terror

The story of the Cleveland kidnapping began in August of 2002, when 21 year old Michelle Knight left her home to visit her cousin, near the busy Lorain Avenue. She never returned home. Although her mother never gave up hope that she would be fo...
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