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Cleveland Criminal Defense Attorney 

Committed to Treating His Clients with Respect and Understanding

If you are facing a legal challenge, you may feel overcome, angry, or frightened – especially if you have never been in trouble with the law before. First and foremost, you are looking for an attorney with experience defending against the specific crime you have been charged with. Equally important but sometimes overlooked is how your attorney will treat you throughout the defense process. 

Cleveland Rape Survivor Caught in Unusual Cold Case Scenario

In 1993, seven men raped Jennifer Moore. At the time she was only 12 years old. Back in that year her investigation did not really go anywhere. The police were apparently not able to find much. One month ago, the chief of the Cleveland poli...
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Cleveland Police Investigate Two Shootings and a Kidnapping

Cleveland police are on the lookout for a man who is suspected of kidnapping a woman as well as shooting his aunt and uncle. Officers were initially dispatched around 9:52 AM on Saturday August 17. They were responding to a report of two or...
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