For the second time in five years a police officer from Maple Heights, Ohio has been accused of using excessive force, this time on an FBI employee.  The office accused, Alexander Casey, supposedly broke the FBI employees arm, while the victim was on all fours.  This was the not first time in Casey’s past where he’s been accused of being overly excessive.  The court documents have it listed that Casey: “acted excessively and he deliberately kick the FBI employee in the right arm, breaking it.”  This kind of rough action does not belong in the police force anywhere.  This, again, was not Casey’s first time.

Five years back a man by the name of Abram Williams had a similar experience with the brute Officer Casey.  After already being brought down, Casey began to kick Williams over and over again.  All Williams could do was get into a fetal position and wait for Casey to stop, but he didn’t.  The altercation actually got to a point where another officer had to tell casey to stop, but it didn’t matter.  Williams expressed that Casey was prideful of what he had done to him.  Williams now relies on a walker to get from place to place.

With cops like Officer Casey, the justice system is certainly out of whack and not fair at all.  Officer Casey’s first victim, Abram Williams, hopes that now something will be done about the juggernaut cop.  Williams actually filed a federal complaint against Officer Casey and the city, the complaint was settled out of court, however, in 2011.  Casey’s current victim, the FBI employee, can be seen on video being interviewed by a cop.  The victim points out to the cop that Casey didn’t allow him enough time to get to the ground, so he kicked his right arm in while he was on all fours.  The FBI Employee points out his broken arm to the interviewer, and continues to speak about how he was treated by Officer Casey.

The investigation will continue, and his past offense will come back into play.  Officer Casey’s brutal behavior has now thrown him into the system he seems to have abused.  Justice will play out, and the truth behind Officer Casey’s actions will hopefully become apparent to not just the public, but also his victims.  Victims like Abram Williams.