The details emerging about the case of three women and one child being held in a home on Seymour Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio shocked the nation. Three women, missing for a decade, were discovered in this home after one of the victims Amanda Perry was able to find a way to alert a neighbor and use his phone to call 911. The dispatcher was obviously unaware of her name because it appeared he did not realize the implication of her story of who she was and that she was alive.

Ariel Castro, a 52-year old bus driver is currently in jail for the abduction and imprisonment of Amanda Perry, Michelle Knight and Gina de Jesus. All three women disappeared without a trace and were believed deceased. Amanda Perry had a six-year old girl with her when she came out of the home and DNA tests have revealed that this child is the daughter of her captor.

After years of horrifying abuse the victims are at home with their families. They did spend time in the hospital with Michelle Knight being the last one to be released into the welcoming arms of her loved ones. She was Castro’s punching bad during her years of captivity and states that he beat her and starved her to abort at least five pregnancies. Amanda Perry gave birth to her daughter in the basement of the home in a child’s swimming pool assisted by Knight, who was threatened that she would be killed if the baby did not survive.

Castro is under constant surveillance in his jail cell and guards look in on him every ten minutes. He is reported to be very concerned about his daughter and is pleading Not Guilty to the hundreds of charges being brought against him. The courts are deciding whether or not he can be charged with murder in the forced miscarriages suffered by Michelle. At any rate he will be charged with attempted murder, rape, abduction and forced imprisonment.

Neighbors were shocked to find out what had been happening on their street and reported that Castro seemed to be a very nice person. There is also an investigation into the manner in which the disappearance of Michelle Knight was handled all those years ago.