Over the years thousands of rape kits have been left untested at police stations throughout the state of Ohio. Based on cold cases stories recently brought to the surface by the Plain Dealer newspaper and the finding of three women kidnapped for a decade in Cleveland, police have now started testing these kits in an effort to solve cold cases that they have on record. Two recent testings have resulted in the arrest and indictment of two felons.

As the kits are tested and checked against DNA on file of felons charged in other and unrelated cases, the police are releasing reports of successful arrests. Tyrone Dillon, aged 54, was indicted on June 4, 2013 in two counts of rape and one count of kidnapping. The crime occurred in 1993 when a victim, aged 19 at the time, known to the accused was held captive at his home. Dillon wrapped a chain around the victim’s neck and raped her. The charge comes just two days before the 20-year statute of limitations on such cases runs out.

Another suspect arrested in a cold case is Charles Brown, aged 56. This crime occurred in Cleveland, Ohio in June, 1993. The victim and the felon knew each other as in the previous case. The victim, aged 29, at the time was sitting on the couch in Brown’s living room when he punched her in the face and proceeded to rape her. He has been indicted on three counts of rape, one count of kidnapping and one count of attempted rape. This case was solved just one day before the Statute of Limitations ran out.

Cold cases are not left cold. Detectives are always looking for clues to help them apprehend a felon and victims are constantly looking over their shoulders to make sure they do not see the person that harmed them in the past. It is good to know that these rape kits are now being tested to bring closure to many victims across the country. Lawyers are available for all needs and cold cases are no different.